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 21st Century Education

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We believe the best investment is in talent.
We co-create the right tools & approaches to nurture growth.
Holistically, with great respect for each unique individual.

Elewa at a Glance


Featured educational projects that are sustainable, innovative and of high-impact.

👩‍🏫 Continuous Professional Development

Through over five years of research, we’ve developed a hands-on approach to the design, development and delivery of any large scale training for thousands of beneficiaries.

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🤖 ITC Online (WhatsApp)

Over a fully-fledged eLearning platform we developed that delivers online classes fully over WhatsApp, we are training hundreds of students each month. In partnership with “Kenya Scouts Association“.

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🖥️ ITalanta

Spinning off our famous Elewa Academy in Brussels, we are training East-African software-engineers on cutting-edge technology through personalized apprenticeship-programs and on-the-job training. Internally and with international clients.

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Products that unlock a wealth in human potential.

🦜 Online Learning

We support the development and operationalization of different types of digital learning and coaching. We produce accessible, user-friendly and ultra-scalable platforms. Featuring our own WhatsApp LMS, the Elewa Portal.

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📝 The Elewa App & Assessment Tool

Winner of the UNESCO ICT in Education 2019 Prize, the Elewa App features a complete suite of Elewa products for Basic Education, consisting out of content, technology and a strong layer of human support. Designed to bring schools into the 21st Century!

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☁️ End-To-End Copiers & Printing

In partnership with OnTrack Media, we offer end-to-end copier installation, servicing and delivery. In need of a copier that can handle the needs of your school or organization? Reach out now!

Standalone or part of the premium Elewa App Package.

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Out-of-the-box Thinking

Our team consists out of versatile backgrounds with a range of different skills and profiles. Our shared passion for education & training allows us to bundle those different strengths into innovative & out-of-the-box solutions for your use case. 

Holistic, Human Centered Design

For us, people come first. We take the time to understand the people in each organization we work with, then co-create personalized growth trajectories that benefit the organization as a whole.

A supportive partner

We consider ourselves a partner of all schools and organizations we work with. Together, with shared goals and objectives, we grow in a mutually beneficial way.

Our Anchor Solution

Easy, Quick & Effective Technology

  • Automatic Grading. Avoid the burden of Marking
  • Scanner, Tablet , Real-Time & Revision Assessment Modes
  • Low infrastructure cost (done on paper)
  • Great analytics & Reports. Coming Soon: Parents Portal
  • To use individually or as a school.

Working with the Best!

Partnering with, and recognized by, some of the best and most influential organizations and institutions.





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Elewa actively contributes to the global sustainable development goals.

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