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A world where every person reaches their full potential in life, and has access to equal opportunity.
Help organizations ensure that every educational and training experience is found to be both meaningful and enjoyable by the learners involved.

Our Story

Elewa is Swahili for “To Understand”.

We are a group of educational innovators that come from different backgrounds, cultures, and walks of life. What binds us is the one experience we shared across all these journeys; The type of education we received did not connect with us nor prepare us for the challenges of life and work in the 21st century. We believe that through application of human-centered and holistic interventions, we can change the narrative and ensure everyone receives the type of education and training that is meaningful and enjoyable to them.

Education and training are the most impactful when they are continuous. We go the extra mile to ensure this journey starts at home. Our company is a laboratory in which we experiment with new ways of training and education every day. The result is a challenging yet safe environment from which we can continuously come up with new things!

Educators from the Heart

Jente Rosseel

Jente Rosseel

Founder & CEO

Elewa is about changing the narrative, to ensure anyone across the world can experience education & training that is meaningful and enjoyable to them.

Kennedy Adhola

Kennedy Adhola

Director of Operations

I look forward to the day when fun will be engrained in all learning activities I strive to create joy of both educators and learners in everything that I do.

Joyce Njoki

Joyce Njoki

Educational Lead

Mathematics, logic, language and personal relationships empower me to understand, analyze and solve today’s problems.

Esther Bidali

Esther Bidali


Broadening our perspectives has always been a game-changer . The more we learn, the higher our potential for solving everyday problems.

Jancan Limo

Jancan Limo

Education Advisor

Teacher turned Teaching Advocate. Passionate about touching the lives of the learners by developing friendly teaching and learning approaches and resources.

Denis Githinji

Denis Githinji


I always strive to work on meaningful and innovative solutions that impact society. Education plays a pivotal role in driving such positive change.

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Elewa actively contributes to the global sustainable development goals.

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