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Case Study: KSA

Quality Training over WhatsApp

In September 2020, together with Kenya Scouts Assocation, we published one of the first conversational eLearning experiences that runs fully over WhatsApp. The setup offers numerous advantages over traditional eLearning such high usability, zero to no platform learning gap, low data requirements, amongst other. Dozens of students have already taken the course and their reactions are overwhelmingly positive!

🦜 Learning as a conversation

The KSA Online learning marks a milestone in online learning, turning eLearning from an often tedious experience with page after page of content-overload, to snackable interactions and engagements with your new friend, our Educator bot.

🖥️ Eliminate the learning-learning curve

One of the major advantages to this approach is that the learning curve to start online learning has been completely removed. The only step required to get started is to say hi on the messaging platform of choice!

👩‍🏫 Rich Experiences & Assessment

Conversational learning offers a vastly richer learning experience than traditional LMS’s. Lot’s of different types of activities, one-on-one instructor sessions, group activities, etc.. All are possible over this medium.

Kenya Scouts Association - ITC

Elewa Services

Course Design

The brainstorming phase of the course development process. Before we start with the production of a course, we work with you to develop clarity on the objectives.


  • Setting and enhancing course objectives
  • Mapping objectives onto instructional activities
  • Determining instruction evidence and designing assessment
  • Determining a proper platform for the course

Course Production

Like a conductor guides the orchestra and forms a cohesive and inspiring symphony, so too do we work with (y)our partners to produce content that fits beautifully into the course. 


  • Copywriting & course content development
  • Scriptwriting for video & illustration content
  • Project Management
  • LMS development & deployment

Course Operations

Often overlooked, where we really shine is in the “going live” part of digital learning. Running the first online courses is a real change for each organization. We help you manage that change.


  • Deep Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Management meetings 
  • Cross-organizational Coaching & Change Management

Operational Excellence

The missing link

When eLearning is first introduced, the focus often lies on the development aspects. Yet, the operational aspects of eLearning are much stronger determinant of success.

They ask the following questions:

  • How are students guided through their learning journey?
  • How do we respond to student questions and concerns?
  • How do we support the practical elements of the course?
  • ….

Our conversational learning solutions are deployed alongside the Elewa Education Portal, a tool that ensures operational excellence once your system has been developed.

Working with the Best!

Partnering with, and recognized by, some of the best and most influential organizations and institutions.





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