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Elewa Full Model

Years of research; One holistic solution.

Of all the challenges we have had the privilege to study and co-create solutions for over the last years, establishing and maintaining quality of service has been the one that intrigued us the most.

Elewa started out in, – and has always been very involved at -, Basic Education level. From years of research and working with institutions, we deduced the challenges of education and training in its core come down to the quality of education delivery. When we strengthen the way in which education is delivered, we see a transformation and impact that is out-of-this-world.

Working back from that discovery, we’ve spend years on the development of a framework that in record time transforms schools and institutions. When later applying this approach to other sectors and use cases, we discovered it’s impact is universal and works well in scenario where large-scale training is requiredThe Elewa Full Model was born.

Fast forward to where we are today, and the Elewa Full Model is successfully being applied to transform schools, to train healthcare workers on scale and to provide companies in the NewTech sector with the tools they need to keep up with the fast-pace of their industries, amongst others …

Four Elements

balanced by leadership

👁️ Vision

Together with your organization, we dream of a vision where you want to be. The exercise is inclusive, capturing the perspective of different actors within the organization and kneading them together to a consistent whole. 

💼 Expertise

With the vision in mind, we map out what expertise is present where in the organization, and which capacity gaps need to be addressed to get where we want to be. 

✒️ Content

We identify what learning- and knowledge-sharing infrastructure is in place, and identify opportunities to leverage and build these out further. Knowledge-sharing and peer-learning are key elements to scalable success.

💡 Technology

The final factor is technology. What role can technology play to move the organization forward. Which technologies can be gracefully adopted and integrated in the organization to ease the burden on all stakeholders?

The Elewa Full Model is a journey along these four pillars.

At your time, we act as a partner that introduces innovation in the form of content solutions and technological tools.

We also help you set up transformative systems for continuous growth.

Partner on your journey

How we can help you achieve success



Understanding where you want to go

Our journey starts at understanding where you want to go. In some cases, you might already have a clear picture on where you want to go. In that case, a simple conversation without obligation will help us get started. In other cases, we have several workshop formats readily at your disposal to get you on your way!

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Beyond Direct Instruction ™

“Beyond Direct Instruction” is a unique workshop we run with K12 schools and school groups. The format challenges teachers and school stakeholders to think outside of the box and to develop a vision for themselves. This training became a life-changing experience for every participant that followed it.

Impact assured!

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Grow-Model Coaching

We help you set up a personal GROWth trajectory for Management & Staff. We help your organization adopt proven coaching models that establish continuous growth and that build resilience and quality control into the core operations.

We furthermore introduce you to the Elewa GROW-app, which offers a conversational platform that tracks and nurtures growth within your institution/organization.

Can this work for me? 

Unique approach to eLearning

We design and deliver on end-to-end Blended- and eLearning projects where we apply our unique full model to deliver high-quality eLearning projects. We operationalize eLearning in a way to truly works for you. 





Formative Diagnostic Assessment ™

Our unique brand of assessments, called Formative Diagnostic Assessments, enable you to perform assessments with your students that both diagnose problems in student learning early on, as act as formative education tools at the same time.

We have developed a very clear and straightforward approach to developing these assessments yourself. Stay tuned for more!

Teacher Pedagogical Guides ™

One of our most well-known approaches and tools are called the “Teacher Pedagogical Guides”; TPGs for short. We often see challenges in education and training that revolve around gaps in pedagogical knowledge. Often, teachers are strong domain experts (e.g. math experts, ..) but lack tools and approaches on how to transfer that knowledge. TPGs address this gap.

TPGs can be likened to recipes; a recipe is a simple guide that one can use to prepare a dish that one is not familiar with, similarly, a TPG is a guide that a teacher can follow to deliver a lesson using methods and techniques they are not familiar with.

Assessment Tool

What we are best known for and winner of the UNESCO ICT in Education Prize. Our assessment tool enables effortless implementation of formative assessments in classroom- and digital settings.

Powered by AI, we’re able to process and provide deep insights and amazing reports about how your students are understanding the content. Automatically share detailed insights into how your class is doing with school leadership & parents.

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The Elewa Eco-System of Apps

Our technology is not a single application or product, but consists out of a “toolbox” of many smaller solutions that can be assembled and put together to address your needs. Our assessment tool is one of those tools, but we have many more revolving around coaching (The Elewa “GROW”-app), content development, eLearning, analysis of data & revision of exam (Elewa 1.0), school management, accounting & finance, …

You state your challenge, we have the solution!

Elewa Conversational Learning

Our own in-house developed Learning Management System aimed at teaching over Conversational Channels such as WhatsApp, SMS, Messenger, etc…

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How we work

From Idea to Production

🎯 A. Concept

We understand that in education and skills management, every situation is very unique. We therefore first take the time to fully understand the context and the challenge you are trying to solve or the goals you have. We will then look at what we can do to help you solve that need.

Together, we develop a concept of how you, together with partners and us, can attain those objectives.

📒 B. Project Plan & Kick-off

Together, we meticulously develop a plan to implement the concept note. Within your timelines and budget, and come up with the most efficient solution to your challenge. 

In the partnership we focus on our core strengths, and work with your- or selected partners to bring a holistic proposal. From there, we start!

⚙️ C. Execution

From an agile mindset, we execute the project in iterative steps. Even for long-term projects, we ensure you receive short-term tangible results, that are continuously built upon.

🎓 D. Evaluation

Our evaluation and M&E processes are rigorous and on continuous basis. At every step of the project, we provide deep analytics, feedback and insights in progress/traction. At the end of each project, we hold evaluation sessions to learn together and to inform next steps.

Any challenge you might have, you’re in good hands. Let’s get to know each other and see how we can help.

Working with the Best!

Partnering with, and recognized by, some of the best and most influential organizations and institutions.





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